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Making Fresh Noodles by hand

Making Fresh Noodles by hand

What you need

2 cups of FG Noodle Mix
2 large eggs
1 tsp olive oil
H20 as needed

Step 1 
Add 2 cups of Noodle mix to a counter top.  Create a well and add 2 large eggs + 1tsp of olive oil.

Making Fresh Noodles by hand


Step 2 
With a fork, beat the egg and begin to fold the flour into the egg mixture.

Recipe For Fresh Noodles by hand


Step 3 

Continue to mix the flour into the egg until it is fully mixed.  If the mixture is too dry add a little water to mixture. 

Fresh Noodles Mixture

Step 4

Kneed it for about 5-10 minutes until it is a smooth ball.  Wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit at room temp for about 30 minutes before shaping into noodles.

Making Fresh Noodles


Fresh Noodles Farm Girl
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